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5 Ways To Reheat Cookies To A Warm And Gooey Perfection

For many, a fresh-baked cookie — like From The Hart Cookies — are a must-have treat. They're soft, moist, rich and absolutely delicious. And, while our cookies are to die for, they are always best eaten fresh. But we know not everyone can down multiple big and rich cookies in one sitting (even though we all want to!). If you find yourself with extras, fear not. There are simple ways to extend the life of the cookies so you can enjoy them days (or even weeks) later, and they'll be almost as good as if they were just baked!

Follow our specific reheat instructions so you can indulge yourself with a warm and gooey cookie whenever you want. These tips will come in handy for anyone purchasing our 18-Cookie Party Pack.

How to properly store cookies

Before we get into how to reheat cookies, it's important that you store them properly. And the sooner you store them, the better the outcome. 

If you’re planning to eat them within about one week, simply place the cookies in an airtight container and position the container in a dry and dark area. When you're ready to eat them, pop them out and reheat!

If you’re planning to eat the cookies beyond a week, you can actually freeze them for months. To do so, it’s best to wrap each cookie individually and place them in a tightly sealed freezer bag to prevent freezer burns. Take the cookies out of the freezer at least one hour before reheating to allow them to thaw.

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How to reheat cookies

How to reheat your cookies will depend on which appliance you have available or your preference. If you don’t have a preference, we suggest you reheat using an oven, but the other methods will work, as well. 

An important note to keep in mind: everyone’s kitchen appliances do not necessarily distribute heat equally. Depending on manufacturer, model, energy source, etc. your oven may be hotter than yours or your microwave may distribute heat more evenly. Bottom line: you know your appliance best. Take our reheat suggestions and alter as you see fit. 

Reheat in the oven

Reheating cookies in the oven is one of the best options because ovens typically distribute heat evenly, and they are spacious enough where the cookies won’t be too close to the heat source.

Preheat your oven to 350°F. Line a baking sheet or pan with oven-safe parchment paper. We recommend a stainless steel sheet pan, but glass, copper, or ceramic will all do just fine. Place the cookies on the parchment-lined pan or sheet with 1-to-2 inches of space between each cookie and the edges of the pan. Once the oven reaches the set temperature, bake for 3-to-5 minutes (you can leave a little longer if your oven typically tends to require more time to bake). 

After the cookies reach your desired warm and gooey preference, take them out, and place on a cooling rack for 2 minutes. Then enjoy!

Reheat using an air-fryer

Air-fryers have become a common appliance in many kitchens over the last few years — and for good reason. They allow us to indulge in some of our favorite fried foods without the guilt of all of the unhealthy frying oils. Air-fryers are also a great tool for reheating cookies. 

Set your air-fryer to 350°F. Line it with parchment paper. Bake for 2-to-3 minutes. Set aside on a cooking rack for a minute or so, and that’s all there is to it.

Reheat in a toaster oven

A toaster oven provides even more convenience than an air-fryer because of its shape. Set your toaster oven to 350°F or an equivalent setting. Place the cookies on the toaster oven tray or on aluminum foil and bake for 2-to-3 minutes. Set aside on a cooking rack for a minute or so, and then enjoy your gooey cookies!

Reheat on a stove top

Yes, you can actually reheat cookies using a stove top! This method will create a crispier outer texture to the cookie, while still allowing the inside to get warm and gooey. 

Set your stove to medium heat. Place the cookies in a skillet — a thick skillet like cast iron will offer the best results, but any will do the trick. Heat for 1-to-2 minutes with the lid over the skillet to help recirculate the heat. Flip the cookies and hear for another 1-to-2 minutes with the lid on. 

Allow the cookies to cool for a minute or two, and enjoy your crispy-yet-gooey cookies!

Reheat using a microwave

Using a microwave to reheat cookies is our least favorite option. Microwaves can often harden or dry out the cookies. They do not distribute heat evenly, and they can be unpredictable. Moreover, it almost seems as if no two microwaves are the same. Nonetheless, you can still reheat cookies using a microwave. 

Reheating one or two cookies at a time, place on a microwave-safe plate, and set the microwave to 10 seconds. If you feel that wasn’t enough time, try adding more seconds to the next batch without exceeding 15 total seconds per batch. The benefit of using a microwave is that they are quickest of all reheating options, but it is important to not overheat as microwaves can completely transform the texture of the cookies and ruin them.

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