What are New York-Style Cookies?

What are New York-Style Cookies?

New York City is known for many things — sky scrapers, bustling diverse communities, overcrowded subway platforms. But, you cannot have a conversation about NYC without mentioning its food scene. Over the decades, the Big Apple has become synonymous with pizza, bagels, and hotdogs (just to name a few). More recently, New York has also established itself as a destination for cookies. Not just any cookies, though. New York-style cookies!

You won’t find New York-style cookies packaged with heavy preservatives in your supermarket snack aisle. That’s because these are always freshly-baked. You likely won’t find them in most bakeries, either. That’s because only a handful of companies are mastering New York-style cookies, and From The Hart Cookies is one of them.

“So what’s so special about New York-style cookies, anyways?,” you may ask. There are a few loose characteristics of these fan-favorite treats.


New York-style cookies are large. Though cookies are typically a dessert or snack option, these NYC cookies are enough to fill you up. They are big enough to share, usually weighing anywhere from 4-to-6 ounces each. Most of From The Hart Cookies Cookies weigh 5 ounces each.


If you’re looking for a perfect “cookie-cutter” shaped cookie, New York-style cookies aren’t for you. Because they are almost always made and baked by hand, and not mass-produced by a food conglomerate, the form and shape may slightly vary from one cookie to the next. However, one distinct feature to the shape of NY-style cookies is their height. They are round, and high (not flat).


New York-style cookies are big gooey on the inside with a somewhat crusted exterior to give your mouth the best of both experiences. Soft cookie lovers and crispy cookie lovers can both be satisfied with a NY-style cookie.

Gooey center of a From The Hart cookie


It’s true that there are many cookie flavors, even within the New York-style cookie genre, but if there is one way to describe a NY-style cookie it’s that they are rich in flavor! These cookies don’t hold back in taste. They are often packed with an overload of chocolate chips, walnuts, or other chunks. From The Hart Cookies has options that even include peanut butter chips, sprinkles, and Oreo cookies


Because New York-style cookies are made and baked fresh, their shelf-life is relatively short. But that’s a good thing because they are not filled with preservatives or other confusing ingredients. 

If you have yet to indulge in a New York-style cookie, you can finally give one a try regardless of whether you are located in NYC or not. You can order online and get them delivered to you in days. If you are in NYC, you can find From The Hart Cookies at Beans & Leaves Cafe.

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