From The Hart Cookies are Now Available at Beans & Leaves Cafe

From The Hart Cookies are Now Available at Beans & Leaves Cafe

Some partnerships just seem destined. This sentiment rang true when Beans & Leaves Cafe offered to sell From The Hart Cookies at their charming 422 Forest Avenue location. The joining of forces between these two separate but complementary businesses felt like a no-brainer.

Beans & Leaves Cafe and From The Hart Cookies share more than just a business venture; they share a vision of creativity and community. Both are proudly woman-owned small businesses, deeply ingrained in the fabric of Staten Island. When you pop in to the cafe for a coffee and From The Hart cookie, your money is supporting two local entrepreneurs.

Nestled just a stone's throw away from Hart Boulevard, the very street that inspired the name of From The Hart Cookies, Beans & Leaves Cafe's Forest Avenue location feels like a neighborly extension of our cookie company's story. The echoes of shared neighborhood values reverberate as both establishments contribute to the cultural vibrancy of West Brighton.

The allure of Beans & Leaves Cafe goes beyond its coffees and teas. It's a haven for creativity and connection, with offerings like creative seasonal lattes and beloved waffles that have earned a place in the hearts of local residents. While Beans & Leaves Cafe certainly boasts its own array of delectable treats, it takes pride in extending its platform to other local businesses; From The Hart Cookies is the latest among these offerings. This willingness to showcase the creations of fellow artisans exemplifies the cafe's dedication to fostering a network of mutual support among small businesses, resulting in a collaborative atmosphere that benefits both patrons and entrepreneurs.

From The Hart cookie flavors currently available at Beans & Leaves: Funfetti, Cookies 'N Cream, and Red Velvet Nutella. Can't make it to Beans & Leaves? You can always purchase our cookies online. We ship nationwide and offer local pickup and delivery options. 

Storefront of Beans And Leave Cafe on Forest Ave.


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